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Reasons to Join the American Legion

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How to Join the American Legion

Here is what we will need to determine your qualification to join the Legion:

You must have served during one of the following time periods in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps or Coast Guard:

  • 2 Aug., 1990 to cessation of hostilities, as determined by the US Government

  • 20 Dec. 1989 to 31 Jan 1990

  • 24 Aug 1982 to 31 Jul 1984

  • 28 Feb 1961 to 7 May 1975

  • 25 Jun 1950 to 31 Jan 1955

  • 7 Dec 1941 to 31 Dec 1946

  • 6 Apr 1917 to 11 Nov 1918

        If you served in the Merchant Marine between 12/07/1941 and 12/31/1946, you are also eligible.

You must also submit a copy of your DD-214 (SSN can be blacked out); or Discharge documentation to show you were honorably discharged, your entrance date and discharge date. This as per IRS regulations. If you are currently on active duty, contact us for information on how to join at: veteran14202@verizon.net for more information.

Click here to access a fillable PDF application for mailing. This form is mailed to the Erie County, NY office and allows you to request a particular Post to join. See below for a link to posts in Erie County.


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